Download Sengran Kagura New Links v3.3.6.4 Mod Apk

What's In Mod Apk:

1. God Mode
2. Increase Damage



Download Sengran Kagura New Links Mod Apk

 is a mobile game that features all your favourite Senran Kagura girls!

◆An all-star battle featuring all characters from the popular Senran Kagura series◆◆Create a team of five. Battle for the crown of Shinobi Master!◆◆Simple turn-based combat system!◆◆Make the girls even more appealing with a wide variety of costume, accessory, and hairstyle. 

National Hanzo School, secret Tachija girls’ school, Shijukutsuki 閃女 Gakkan, flame Guren Corps.
It was a invitation to martial arts tournament of Shinobu called “Shinobi Masters”.
Girls each of the speculation on the chest is gathered into a skyscraper to be the stage of the fight.
Four suddenly received invitations to the girls of the original force.

◆ bonds leads! NEW LINK Battle ◆
Ninpou triggered by easy operation!Let Nagiharao the enemy by connecting the ninja arts to girls from the girl!

◆ grow to their liking! Dress is! Customize ♪ ◆
Such as “costume”, “Accessories”, “hairstyle”Enjoy an infinite Corde wide variety!

[Girls that aims to Shinobi master]
◇ Shijukutsuki 閃女 GakkanYukiizumi (Voice: Yumi Hara)Plexus (voice: Hisako Kanemoto)Cherry blossoms (voice: Ishihara summer woven)Four seasons (voice: Ayano Yamamoto)Minori (voice: Hiromi Igarashi)

◇ National Hanzo School
Asuka (voice: Hitomi Harada)Ikaruga (voice: Asami Imai)Katsuragi (voice: Yu Kobayashi)Yagyu (Voice: Kaori Mizuhashi)Hibari (Voice: Yuka Iguchi)

◇ secret Tachija girls’ school
Miyabihi (voice: Hiromi Hirata)Purple (voice: Sayuri Yahagi)Kiyume (voice: Chiwa Saito)Ryobi (voice: Yoko Hikasa)Ryo奈 (voice: MAKO)

What's New:
Bug Fix


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